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Unique Jewellery Design And Manufacture

“Really pleased with the custom necklace I ordered. Would definitely recommend to anyone seeking unique, personal jewellery.” (Laura Hymers)

Welcome to our bespoke jewellery service where we will create your own unique, perfect piece of jewellery - using your stone or one sourced by us.

Our knowledgeable team can help you to design the piece, advising of all possibilities, and if necessary provide you with gemstones of your choice or using your own stone.

We work with all precious metals including platinum, gold and silver.

All estimates for Bespoke Jewellery Design are carried out free.

C A D Design, 3D Printing and Manufacture.

The Procedure

When you are happy with our estimate and we are all sure of what is required then we begin:

  • Stage 1. We create a computer animated design of the item which will give you a visual image.
  • Stage 2. A 3D printed image using the finest quality resin will be available for veiwing.
  • Stage 3. We use the resin prototype to create your desired piece in your required precious metal.

(a small charge will be made for the CAD and 3D print, but this will be reinbursed on completion of item)

Stages of Design:

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Jewellery made uniquely for you
Jewellery made uniquely for you
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Jewellery made uniquely for you

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